Monday, March 26, 2007

Top 40 - Little Things that help Cheer us up

top 40 this week - little things that help cheer us up! =)

1) singing in the shower, ah basta kahit saan sa bahay! hehehe
hehehe, nothing beats singing in the shower
2.) a cup of tea in the morning to pick you up!
3. cerelac! *meron ako dito, gusto mo?
Penge hehehehe, di nga, meron ka?
4.) miniature toy cars, yung 1:64 scale, looking at it makes me calm down
oo meron nga =)
5.) shopping for less hehehe
tirhan mo ako ng konti, daanan ko dyan :P
6.) a nice book to read while commuting to work

sige sabihan mo lang ako bago ka dumaan dito hehehe. tinago ko para hindi naman gano magmukhang retarded =)

7. blogging
8. discussing things with a friend, just a meeting of the minds.
9. meeting a kindred soul
10. helping an old lady by offering your seat on a crowded bus, on your way home

-- ay oo this brings me to tears. may matanda akong tinulungan non bumaba ng hagdan sa boni mrt ewan ko pag uwi ko iyak ako ng iyak

11. finding something (na matagal mo nang hinahanap to the point na naggive up ka na) by accident
its because you've felt that you've shared a part of you to that old lady, and that makes your heart cry with joy, nag manifest lang yan physically. masarap nga feeling ng makita mo ang matagal mo ng hinahanap

12. listening to your favorite song, over and over again, Thanks MP3 player!

truly! =)
13. digicams - these babies allow u to make mistakes pag nagfee-feekchur! di katulad dati dapat 1 time big time dahil sayang ang film! =)
ah yes, couldn't argue with that :)
14. Seeing Tikiwiwi bang the drums and Kiko "Kiss" the notes in his guitar during sessions, PMX rules hehehehe

15. "6-8 na lang tayo prac sa weds. tapos sa fri 8-10" "hindi, para mas mabuti, 8-10 sa fri, tapos 6-8 sa weds" aka usapang erik nyahahah!!!
hehhe, oo nga, I have to admit, this was one of the most unforgettable companies i have worked for. Not because of the pay or the work, but because of the people
16. fresh buco juice, not the one in plastic cups, but the one you can buy from "manong". Open one please!

oo aliw ang mga tao hahaha!!!

18. going back to UP diliman and enjoying the environment...mag reminisce ng todo... mag wish na isa ulit ako sa students there full of idealism and not jaded like i am now
hhehe, jjj--jjaded, fun times!
19. saving up your allowance to watch the concert of your fave artist on tour. Last time I did that was when the corrs had theirs in araneta circa 2000.
20. saving up to buy a smokin' pair of shoes!! whooo!!!! hahahah!!!
yes yes hehehehe
21. instead of taking the usual route to home, taking a different path, just for the heck of it, even if it cause you to lose 15 minutes
22. hearing from somebody you haven't heard from in a looong loooonng time
uuuyyyy, TOTGA
23. Seeing your crush on the 20th reunion of your HighSchool batch
#23 ata ang uuuuy, TOTGA heheheheh -- ang 22 eh in reference to the HH who called this morning ;)

#24. fat buchie's sinigang na salmon belly with archie's bbq in tiendesitas i love 'em!!!!
what's an HH? hehehe, dispensa por pavor para sa akin na pagka-inocentes
25. Sunday afternoon cookfest. Gathering of the family and each one bringing food and drinks.

(hh - headhunter pow hehehe)
26. cheap products that work! =)
ah hehehe, akala ko holding hands ehehehehehe
27. watching old movies in betamax. not the sleazy ones but movies like "Zapped", "Ghostbusters" etc

28. hahahha! here i was thinking of singing old songs naman!!!
hehehe, songs like "A little help from my friends" by the beatles?
29. Looking at Orion setting in the western sky, at 7pm on March 25.... hay i love the night sky

hindi more like songs by ella fitzgerald and engelbert humperdinck hweheheh...oo sarap mag-stargazing

30. hearing what you want to hear at exactly the right time you want to hear it
hehehe, dagdag mo pa si pareng tom jones

31. seeing old commercials on TV again. Like "Family Rubbing alcohol" di lang pampamilya, pang sports pa "teng". Saw it last weekend on channel 7. hehehe

hahahhaha!!!! mother father brother how do you brush your teeth, with la lala...

32. having the luxury of sleeping whenever you want to...
or the old san miguel beer commercial featuring kenny G's silhouette. crush ko yung girl dun.
33. fixing things in the house, and making it work. Not having to pay the expert tubero or alaktrisyan, makes my day

ay sus lalaki ka nga, mr. fix it! hehehe

34. silence when i want it
I am the Genie from the lamp, your wish is my command, Silence is hereby given! :)
35. Discovering that you have left 100 petots in the pocket of your jacket, especially when sweldo is 5 days away hehehe

ay oo panalo yan!!! miski labado na walang problema. dati as a student nakakahanap ako ng 50 bucks sa libro nagawa ko atang bookmark! hahaha!

36. yung dalawang asianong bugoy na nag video ng i want it that way
ah hehehe, oo may series sila ng backstreet boys covers
37. photoshop
38. magic sing! whahaha
39. swimming kahit saan. kahit sa ilog, basta mabasa :)

40. freebies, no matter how small!!! =)

and that ladies and gents are your TOP 40 little things that help cheer us up

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