Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top 40 - things to make you feel young

top 40 tayo:
things to do to make you feel young:
1. laugh at your mistakes, lighten up the load by realizing we are only human and not engaging in self flagellation
2. be with young people hehehhee
3. eat healthy (lagot ako dito hehehe)
4. think youth! ;)
5. breathe fresh air (mountain)
6. dont be affected by jaded aging people
7. act child-like not childish. :)
8. wag kang magtrabaho sigurado hindi ka tatanda sa kunsumisyon hehehe
9. siguro another way to put it is to do volunteer work, less stressyup.
10. find your very own tonyboy cojuangco. (greta never looks a day older.)hehehe, wawang tonyboy baboy
11. develop a sponge-like mind. with every new knowledge you acquire, you brain gets an overhaul, ergo, new ideas, young thoughts
12.do what you like doinghehehe co-recto-di-ko-binoto
13. play in the rain
14. NEVER stop dreaming =Dah, the joys of dreaming, it's the only place where you can be what you wanted to be.
15. rediscover the joys of playing with your kids or pamangkin
16. don't have ____________ as your boss. hahahaha!daming possible replacement ng blank na yan ah hehehe
17. love you wife/husband and befriend them, a loving partner can lessen stress and save your eardrums as well :)
ay totoo yan! errr. i replaced hubby with bf.
18. have your own website =) paint. do poetry. sing. dance. basta anything creative.
19. eat cake, a little bit wont hurt :) makes you feel young
20. love!
21. run at least once a week. keeps your heart fit!
aka exercise regularly =)
22. smile (though y our heart is aching...ano pa nga ba lyrics nunsmile, what's the use of crying something blah blah hehehe
23. listen to a variety of music
24. do the headstand. seriously.rili? wat is da benepit? enlayten mi plis
25. lift your wife, just like the first time you went through the door. exercise din yan
hahaha. in yoga kasi sabi nila the headstand daw enables better circulation....eliminates toxins...hanggang shoulder stand pa lang kaya ko sa totoo lang.. hehehe
ay ala
26? :)
ay sowwwy
26. vicky belo =)mag ala vicky belo ka? o pupuntahan mo si dra belo?
27. mag-alaga ng halaman
puntahan hahhaha
28. stop and smell the flowers =Dah i see, akala ko magshift ka ng careerhehe
29. live simply para stress free
30. eat sensibly
31. mag join ng organization, hindi frat ha? hehe
32. mag anti-oxidantshehehe,
33. mag ala-PC (ctrl-alt-del) pag ang bossing teddy ay ballistic :)
34. wag mag work sa _____________ har har har
35. iwasang makasalubong si ________________ :D
36. mag pamasahe linggo linggo yahooo
ako araw araw pamasahe 28 binan to magallanes, hehehe kurneh
37. makinig ng classical music pamparelak
38. pambabata - crispy patayan kasi sinimulan mo ng cornickshehehehehehe
39. iwasan magpuyat
40. kumain ng gulay!!! hahahaha!
at yaan mga kababayan ang mga kwarentang taas sa pagkakataaong itechiwa

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