Thursday, February 28, 2008

Green Technology Expo

Let’s Go Green!
Technology is so pervasive that it heavily taxes both the environment and precious energy resources. Consider that the average PC wastes nearly half of its power, and the average server wastes nearly one-third of its power. In addition, poor practices in disposal and recycling of technology products represent a growing hazard to the environment. Here is your chance to help!On March 20, 2008 PC Magazine and PCMagCast will host a one-day Green Technology Online Expo targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses. At the end of the day you’ll walk away with practical knowledge, useful whitepapers and product recommendations that will help you contribute to the global effort to use technology in environmentally friendly waysBest of all, there's no travel required. This show brings you all the benefits of a online expo right in the comfort of your own browser, at no cost to you. Register today!
KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONA chat with Jeremy Kaplan, Executive Editor of PC Magazine and Editor of GoodCleanTech.com12pm -12:45pm ET Jeremy Kaplan oversees coverage of Green technology in PC Magazine and runs the popular blog on Green technology offers information and advice on all aspects of Green technology. In this special, 45-minute keynote address he will discuss how businesses and groups focused on environmentally friendly technology can contribute to the overall Green effort.
Moderated by: Sebastian Rupley, Editorial Director, PCMagCast
Getting You to Go Green: How Businesses and Consumers Can Help the Green Effort11am - 11:45am ET Whether you’re a business stakeholder or a consumer considering a technology product purchase, you can make a difference in the effort to be friendly to our planet and our energy resources. There are organizations you can contribute money or time to, Green product lines you can favor over others, and best usage practices you can follow. In this 45-minute, interactive webcast we will present an overview of products and brands that have already gone Green, explain what to look for in Green accessories and add-ons, and specify groups that can help businesses.
Moderated by: Lance Ulanoff, Editor-in-Chief, PC Magazine
Greening Your Power Protection: Minimizing Electricity Waste at the Desktop 1pm -1:45pm ETIn this 45 minute webcast, APC will discuss how the proliferation of computer peripherals is wasting power unnecessarily in the typical desktop environment. Learn about new power protection solutions that can minimize this wasted power, saving you and your business money. Also find out if you have the best power protection for your workspace and what additional steps you can take to minimize disruptions from the threat of bad power. Moderated by Frank Derfler, Author and PCMag Veteran
Moderated by: Frank Derfler, Author and PC Mag Veteran
Global Efforts: What You Need to Know About Companies Pursuing Green Initiatives2pm -2:45pm ET Many of the biggest technology companies in the world are in partnership with each other and with environmental organizations to contribute to Green initiatives. They are pursuing efforts that will do everything from making PCs waste less of their power to deploying technologies that will take cars off the road, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts affect many kinds of city, state, and national programs—and technology brands themselves. In this interactive, 45-minute webcast we will discuss numerous partnerships and initiatives that are taking concrete steps in the Green effort. Attendees will get actionable information about how they can help. Moderated by Sebastian Rupley, Editorial Director, PCMagCast
What Will Make the Difference? Green Goals and How We’ll Meet Them4pm - 4:45pm ETEnvironmental threats, poor energy conservation practices, disorganized disposal and recycling policies, and more issues could stack up to be a much worse problem for future generations than for this one. Among the many Green efforts, though, there are innovative technology inventions and forward-looking organizational strategies that could result in major improvements. What would be the actual environmental impact and impact on energy resources of having, say, all computers waste no more than 10 percent of the power they consume? We’ll delve deeply into analyses of which Green technology efforts will produce what kinds of global and local change over the long haul. It’s a peek into the future, and we hope the view looks bright. Moderated by: Sebastian Rupley, Editorial Director, PCMagCast

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