Friday, February 15, 2008

Road to the Future?

This morning, I went to the Land Transportation Office in Binan to register our car. I was surprised by the number of vehicles applying for new registration or renewing their registrations. At 9am, I counted 30 4-wheeled vehicles, and about 40 motorcycles (including tricycles) inside the Areza Center parking lot, waiting to be registered. I would not talk about the "fixers" offering help to expedite the registration process. Though, I would like to discuss it in a later blog topic. The topic of immense importance is the amount of road vehicles plying the road today. LTO statistics show that there are more than 5.3 million land-based vehicles registered in the year 2006. This corresponds to a 5.37% increase from year 2005, which recorded a total of 5.05 million registered vehicles. Metro Manila posted 1.55 million registered vehicles in 2006 thus making NCR the region with the most number of registered vehicles. The LTO statistics further show that there is an average annual increase of 5.83% in the number of registered vehicles.
Let us consider the fact that vehicles consume fuel. Fossil fuels come from oil, which is used up daily at a rate of 349,000 barrels per day. When will be the peak of oil production? Some say it will be in the middle of the 20th century. But until the development of a viable alternative to oil, we Filipinos have no choice but to swallow the hard fact: there will be no end to rising oil prices.

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