Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slipping and all that jazz

Am I clumsy? Are there other people who are suffering from 'katangahan'? Did you know that injuries from a trip, slip or fall are second only to automobile accidents? In its online safety bulletin, reports that a trip on stairways alone leads to almost two million personal injuries each year. If you add industrial trips to trips in the home, the death count from tripping reaches more than 1000 per year. So, apparently I am not alone in my tips, slips, and plain clumsiness.

This friday, November 21, I was walking, minding my own business, listening to 89.9. Who would have thought that danger lurks on a sidewalk. I notced for a brief moment, a thin film of what I perceived as water. The side walk was inclined slightly (maybe 5 degrees) sloping towards the road. There was nowhere to walk around the film of water so I went on, whistling to some 80's tune that Magic was playing. Then, bam! I slipped. My right foot suuddenly lost its grip. My whole body started to fall like timber, sideways, to the right. My right arm, held close to my side, grew tense. Then, the moment of impact. My right ribcage was hit by my right forearm. I let out a loud "UGH!" a sort of It all happened in less that 1 sec. I dont know what speed I hit the pavement but It was so fast I wasn't able to react fast. It may be a blessing in disguise, If it were slower, I would had had the time to prop my arms and who knows, I may have suffered from split bones in my forearm. So there I was lying in the pavement, no one wanted to help me. Who would have? A friend told me " Kahit ako, hindi kita tutulungan, kalaki mong tao, malay ko ba kung nagloloko ka lang, holdaper ka pala" hehehe, He was right on that point. I picked myself up, got a tricycle home to change my clothes and went to work. Midday, I had to take my day off, my side hurts like hell. Had to use my health card for the firsttime and get some checkup.

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