Saturday, June 27, 2009

OMRON HJ-113 Pedometer Review

General Comments:
This unit is easy to operate, lightweight, noiseless, and fairly accurate. This has been my second time to own a pedometer. The first one i owned was a unit that came free from a promo of a milk company. I had to take apart the unit because it stopped functioning for less that a day. But the OMRON HJ-113 brought back my interest in pedometers.
Setup is breeze, it took me only 5 minutes to set it up. That includes taking it out of the packaging, installing the straps, batteries, and inputting my weight and stride length.
Operation Modes:
HJ-113 is basically a step counter but it can also calculate and display distance by counting the number of steps you take and multiplying it with your stride distance. So it is important to correctly input your step length otherwise, the unit will display wrong distance data. The unit can display (1) Steps (2) Aerobic steps and minutes, (3) kCal and grams of fat burned, (and 4) kilometers travelled. It also displays the time in 24-hour format. Data can be stored for 7 days, perfect for busy people who only have time once a week to log their data.
Initial setup:
Take out the unit from the packaging, install the CR2032 battery in the unit, if you happen not to have a screwdriver handy, OMRON is kind enough to include a tool to open the battery compartment. Nice move on their part. Remove the screen protective film. Install the security strap.
Set the time, weight, and stride length as described in the
instruction manual downloadable from
Using the pedometer is easy, just put it in your pocket or bag, and voila! All set to go. To change the displayed data, press the MODE button to cycle through STEP, AEROBIC STEP, KCAL, and DISTANCE. To recall stored data (up to seven days) press the MEMO/^ button.
Now I can start logging my walking distance every day. Let's see if this motivates me more to walk.

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