Monday, October 25, 2010

Sta Rosa Trails

I did a reconn of what Sta Rosa Trails would look like. Here are some pictures of it. I only went up to Vic's Buko Stop. Next time, I will ride further towards munting ilog in Silang. First stop is at the Mansion, located in barangay Inchican, Silang Cavite. (probably there are plenty of Chinese here in the olden days.) I followed the road to a golf course. Good thing, there were a few bikers going along the trail. I just followed them to what is called the cardiac hills. It is a long climb, very similar to the Wall in Timberland. I guess it was so named because, If you are not fit enough, you might suffer from cardiac arrest when climbing that hill.

I finally reached Vics Buko Stop. One piece of Fresh Buko did the trick of vanishing thirst and hunger.

Next time, I'll try going all the way to Munting Ilog.

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