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August 13, 2011 Bike Ride

August 13, 2011
I pedaled all the way from Biñan to San Mateo. I started out around 523am.
Traveled through San Pedro via National Road, reached Muntinlupa. East Service Road. To Sucat. MLQAvenue in Taguig Bagumbayan. Then followed MLQuezon avenue until I reached Pateros. Followed public transport until I reached Pasig. Then to Rosario Pasig, Manggahan, finally to Marikina. All the way to San Mateo. Reached Aling tina's eatery at around 8:30.
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Route - Binan to Shot gun
Then from aling Tina's, I went up shotgun avenue. Along the way took some shots:
Start of my climb

Self Shot

Self Shot 2

I reached the top after about an hour. Rested for a while to rehydrate and listen to stories of other bikers.
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Shotgun to Timberland

From the end of Shotgun avenue. I met new friends like James, George, Che, Peter, Paulo, and others I forgot the names. I joined their trail ride
Trail Master James

Stopping to rest near a newly built structure. Photo op with trailers

Clear view of Sierra Madre on the background. Very rare opportunity to see Sierra Madre this clear at this time of year.

I had so much fun going uphill and down tackling rocks, mud, almost had a spill at a rocky section in Roxas Trail. but I had fun. I had to bail out when we reached the Basic Trail proceeding to Timberland. The gang will go to Giant - Pestano. I was tired, it is already near 11am. I have been on saddle for 6 hours. No rest for the wicked.
View of QC at the Timberland Trail head

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Timberland to Ampid.

I stayed at my parent's house to recover. I rode out at 4:00pm to go home. Passed by Marikina River banks to take some pictures.
Giant Lady at the Banks


Self Shot

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Going home :)
It was a satisfying Ride!

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