Monday, December 19, 2011

Laguna Loop Ride - December 17, 2011

In life, we have questions that seem to hang unanswered. “Can I do this?”, “How
does it feel like?”, “When will I do it?”. These and a dozen other things fill my mind. Can I do the Laguna Loop?

Last November 2011, I said in my Facebook post that I will do the Loop by end of December.

The Laguna Lake Loop is every true blue biker living in Southern Luzon would want to do. It is roughly 160~180kms bike ride consisting of flat roads and 20kms of hills. Based on my average speed of 15 kms/hr, I estimated this adventure will take me 12 hours or more to complete.
I studied maps of the route, prepared my bike and tools. But the one essential thing I prepared was my mind. “I NEED TO DO IT. I WILL COMPLETE THE LOOP”

The route:
Pililla to Pagsanjan
Pagsanjan to Binan

Binan-Muntinlupa-Taguig-Pateros-Pasig-Taytay-Angono-Binangonan-Cardona-Morong-Baras-Tanay-Pililla-Mabitac-Siniloan-Pangil-Pakil-Paete-Kalayaan-Lumban-Pagsanjan-Sta Cruz-Pila-Victoria-Calauan-Bay-Los Banos-Calamba-Cabuyao-Sta Rosa-Binan

Thirty towns, 12 or so hours, one bike, one determined rider.

Waking up in the morning of the 17th, I scanned the skies for rain, noting that Tropical Storm Sendong made landfall friday night. Having prepared my gear, water, rain coat, folding umbrella, tools and extra inner tube, I went out for the long overdue Laguna Loop.

Mission Clock started at 8:16am, I headed towards Rizal via C6.

In Angono, Rizal

In Cardona

Accident at Cardona, a truck loaded with plywood turned turtle

A warrior's path is a solitary one, somewhere in Manila East Road Tanay

Rest Stop, near sampaloc Tanay


Splendid view of Laguna Lake (East Bank) somewhere in Pililla

Long slow climb 2 kms from Laguna-Rizal boundary

Finally reaching Laguna-Rizal Boundary. A long way to go.

Two thirds more to go.

I had to don my rain gear because of the heavy rain. This experience will test your character and resolve.

Reached Pagsanjan at 5pm.

I had to eat at Picos to fuel my tired and aching body

I arrived home at 9:30pm, wet cold, and unable to walk by
the gate.

I have accomplished the following:

1. My first century mile
(160km or 100 mile plus) solo ride
2. Answered the question
“can I do the Laguna Loop?”
3. I learned that I have the endurance
to finish this task.

As In life, biking the Laguna Loop has taught me valuable

1. We should have a
2. If we stop moving, we
won’t get to our destination
3. However long the
journey, we always end up home.
4. Prepare yourself
mentally, you can’t accomplish anything if you doubt yourself and your
5. The last 30 kms of the
journey is the hardest. The body aches, the legs will cramp. Pain is unbearable.
It is when you are tempted to stop and take a ride home, which will defeat your
purpose of doing the loop in the first place.

6. Have faith in God. When the flesh gives up, ask for help from The One Above to lift you up.


Anonymous said...

Great feat bro!

fr. Dennis A.

Gerald Jerico Velayo said...

thanks Dennis

Shiela RC said...

you're so awesome!

Gerald Jerico Velayo said...

Thanks Shiela RC,
I will be waiting for the beginning of PROJECT: VEGAN JOURNEY :)