Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Planet Earth

Seven billion of us humans (one specie), together with millions of other species live in this planet orbiting a star that existed 5 billion years ago. Experts believe that it will take another 5 billion years for our sun to consume its internal fuel before exploding into a supernova and taking with it all life on Planet Earth.
But judging by the rate we humans destroy our natural resources, pollute our air with burning fossil fuel, it wouldn't take long before we kill ourselves. Some of us may ask if climate change is real, well folks, it IS REALLY HAPPENING.
Sure, it is inevitable, the Earth would die, but let us not kill it soon, for our sake and our children's sake.
This season of giving, we should give a gift to Planet Earth and thank her for letting us live.
How? Simple:
1. Car Pool - Share your ride, three or more people riding a car is more efficient than car with only a driver in it.
2. Ride a bike - I am an advocate of bicycling. It helps our environment in plenty of ways. Read the benefits of biking here.
3. Walk - for those who cannot afford to buy a bike, walk or run. Walking helps reduce health risks.
4. Reduce consumption - Waste not, want not. Buy goods with reduced packaging, I appreciate manufacturers who redesigned their packaging to reduce the use of plastic and go for environment friendly cardboard/pulp packaging which help declog our waterways. Sony Ericsson, Buffalo and other manufacturers switched to earth friendly packaging.
5. Use recyclable water containers instead of buying bottled water. A huge number of bottled water containers go to our rivers and lakes. Stop before we clog.

I believe you can think of other ways to say Merry Christmas to our Planet Earth. Let us start today. Merry Christmas to all.

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