Friday, December 30, 2011

Vanishing Trails

I grew up in San Mateo Rizal. The foothills there gave me a reason to love the outdoors. Mountain biking offered me the opportunity to express my love for nature.
Sadly, I note that the basic trail in Timberland is getting urbanized. What used to be dirt roads are replaced with concrete. My biker buddy noted this a few weeks ago when construction equipment started paving the basic trail.
I also notice the same thing happening to cardiac hill in Silang.
Will these changes meant that we change our riding habits? Will the full suspension bikes go the way of the dinosaur because of this?
That is why I forgo buying Full Suspension bikes and opt for building a hardtail.
I hate to see the day when us MTbikers have to go far away just to ride unpaved trails like we used to enjoy ten years ago.

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