Monday, January 30, 2012

Promoting the Bicycle as an Alternative Transport

Scandinavian countries like Sweden promote bicycles as alternative transport, in fact, they are planning to build a superhighway for exclusive use of cyclists. To us Filipinos it is rather unusual to see other progressive countries embrace bicycling as a means to go around town. Blame that attitude to the ingrained idea that having a car is a status symbol, and that using public transport or riding a bike is uncool.
Well, the benefits of bicycling are plenty not only for the environment, but for general health as well. People opposing to the idea that biking in polluted air is bad for one's health. Which brings us to the point that we should LESSEN the USE of CARS to LESSEN the POLLUTION.
I am encouraging everyone I know and meet to use their bicycles more and their cars less.  It is for our own good.
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