Monday, January 30, 2012

Bike Tech: Hydraulic brake bleeding 101

I saw this video from youtube and a pdf link that explains how to bleed off air from your hydraulic brake system. So I set off to buy a bottle of Shimano Mineral Oil 50ml from a local bike shop (PhP450). Having gathered all the materials, I removed the bleed screws carefully. This is where I put the mineral oil in.

This is the view of the right-hand lever with the bleeding screw removed
Left: tube with ordinary plastic tied with a rubber band.
Right: bleeding screw removed
Bleed kit from Shimano: includes tube, 50mL bottle of Mineral Oil and instruction manual. The syringe was optional. I bought it at Mercury Drug.
My brakes functioned well after the procedure.
Bleeding your hydrobrake system ensures that your brakes function properly, providing stopping power when needed.

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