Monday, January 16, 2012

How green is your hobby?

There are countless of hobbies available to get into, but one must be careful in selecting not just the right hobby but one that has less impact in the environment. While this is not a comprehensive list/guide, I try to suggest some ideas on how to select a hobby that is Earth-friendly.

1. Get a hobby that does not involve the use of fossil fuels. Motorsports hobby uses a lot of fuel, besides taking a toll on your wallet, it also contributes to global warming. Unless you race electric vehicles.

2. Get a hobby that involves the use of muscles. Running, biking, weight lifting, and other physical sports is good for the health and is also environment friendly.

3. Get a hobby that involves nature. I am now trying to get into growing vegetables in the backyard. It does not involve the use of electricity or fossil fuel, plus I get to eat produce come harvest time.

Let's all do our share on helping planet earth and enjoying the benefits of a hobby.

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