Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 22, 2012 Nuvali - Cardiac - Silang Ride

January 22, 2012 -
Friends from PLDT and I went out for a ride around Nuvali in Sta Rosa.
Left to Right - Herbert, Rodney, Jon, Francis and me
Registration at the counter
at 7:30am, we went to the Admin Office of Nuvali for registration. Bikers are required there to sign a waver for security and safety. We explored the mixed road and hard packed dirt of Nuvali. The trip was cut short due to mechanical trouble of the bike of one of our companions. He had to bail out.
at 9:30 am, we felt that there is enough time to hit Silang trails. Off we went! The heat of the sun was intense that day, I suddenly craved for buko juice.
Savoring fresh buko at Bukohan
We were told that Bukohan will be transfered to another place. The lot to which is stands is now sold to a developer.
Nice day to hit the trail!
One of my favorite section is the Holy Trail. It was named so because the trail ends at the side of a chapel. It consists of singletracks which could get really muddy on a rainy day. The gods must be smiling at us that day and we were blessed with hard packed dirt, very good for negotiating the twists and turns at speed!
a section of the Holy Trail
Nothing can make a true blue biker beam with joy than hitting the trail
At Brgy Carmen
Tracks: South City to Paseo, Nuvali, Bukohan to Paseo

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