Saturday, January 14, 2012

Off Track: IV-Bonifacio Reunion

This story is not about biking, nor about the envronment, but nonetheless deserves a chapter in the Voyager's Journey. I avoid being sentimental because it adds fuel to my already burdened soul longing for my family. And to me, seeing old high school classmates is like rubbing salt to an open wound. But I guess after dissing so many requests from classmates, I gave in partly because Ohsel is set to leave the next week. On January 13, 2012, Friday the 13th, I went to Faustino's for the reunion. I arrived 7:00pm and found Paulo, Edizon and his wife Leah at the venue.
While at it, we asked what is the specialty. The waitress recommended their famous Crispy Pata, Pritong Adobong Native na Manok and Kilawin Tanigue. I admit, the food is good, specially the Crispy Pata which I devoured a ton.
One by one the rest of the guys came over. Rene Eufre, Ohsel Natividad, Marlene Oriel, Gle Bañez, Joey Banaag and wife Jennie, Bong Ingua, Arnold and Josie Alberto, Gerardo Sandoval and wife Sharon, Jimmy Llup and wife Mary Ann , Beth and hubby Jojo Gascon, Ronald Natividad.
We have this idea going on our heads that 25th year High school reunions are boring or confined to playing cards or discussing the latest disease that befell us but heck no, we are a bunch of crazy wild guys who went back in time, acting like 16 year olds and I love every effin' minute of it. Singing songs and did antics just like it was in 1987, back when times were simple, back when you could drink three 500mL Coke and still come out okay. Back when the patoks rule the road and that the fare from Guitnangbayan to Cubao was P3.25

Those were the days and we had a blast. Thanks to Edizon for the pictures.

Till next time guys. 
Jimmy Llup and Wife. I haven't seen the Wild Man in 24 years! Nice to see you again dude!
The gang's here
Marlene and Ohsel. Ohsel is the HR Manager at a Chevy Dealership in Doha, Qatar. Marlene is an Admin officer in a hospital. I hope I got it right ladies.
It's our chance to get crazy again!
All present!


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