Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 Misconceptions About Biking

Biking is a great hobby
I've been biking for more than ten years, with reasons varying from recreation to exercise to commuting.
Having heard a number of myths and misconceptions about biking, It prompted me to write a list of the top 3 misconceptions about biking

  1. Biking is an expensive hobby - As with any hobby, the cost is determined by your budget. How much one is willing to shell out. I started biking in 1998 when I bought an inexpensive steel bike from a local bike shop. The key here is to buy a bike that fits your size and with DECENT components. Do not get tempted by MALL BIKES, though it can be bought at less than PhP3000. These Mall Bikes are not durable, resulting in a not-so-well biking experience. There are good brands like Vision 1.5 that have decent components which sells at 15000 pesos. Mind you, PhP 15000 is not that expensive. If you could shell out PhP20000 more on a phone, why not a bike?
  2. Biking is dangerous - Biking is indeed dangerous, I had an accident ten years ago that proves that biking has perils. But I was a daredevil then, a speed junkie, I forgot the basics of Physics (It takes 3 times the stopping distance when you double your speed) when I was barreling down the infamous Wall. But with prescence of mind and the right equipment, biking is safe.
  3. Biking is not a "serious" transport. It is only for sport - I disagree on this one, I use my bike not only on recreation but on commuting as well. The bicycle is a low environmental impact transport. Not only are you moving from point A to point B, but you are exercising as well. You could save on gasoline, toll fees, parking fees and maintenance associated with motorized vehicles. If you are traveling alone, commuting by bicycle is the way to go.
So go get a decent bike, and reap the benefits!
Happy day to all!

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