Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bike Tech: Topeak Mini 20 Gold Tool Review

When one spends a lot of time on saddle, a biker must be prepared to do repairs on the trail or at home. Topeak has made a perfect tool for the average rider and weekend mechanic. The Mini 20 Pro Gold is the Swiss Army Knife for bikers. It has 20 functional mini tools to make trail side repairs easy. I bought one last year and thought that I should do a short-term review.

Topeak does not list its price in their website. Amazon sells them for $32.02. I bought mine from Bike Plus in SM Mall of Asia for PhP1200 which I believe is fair.

What it contains:
The Mini 20 Pro Gold tool has the following function:
Allen Wrenches : 2/2-L/2.5/3 (2 each) 4/5/6/8/10mm. I have used almost all of the allen wrenches in this tool. The 2mm wrench is for adjusting my bike's Shimano BL-445 brake lever reach. The 5mm is handy for my brake calipers. The 10mm tool was used only once when a fellow biker's crank arm bolt fell off, a real life-saver
Torx Wrench: T25. I used this to install and tighten the Ashima Rotors that I bought last December 2011
Chain tool and hook: I have four or five instances where I need to break a chain and these two attachments came in handy.
Tire Lever: When I bought this tool up to today, I never used this attachment. I have two plastic tire levers which are often used when changing flats.
Screw Drivers: #2 Phillips/ Flat Head. These came in handy when doing quick adjustments of my Front and Rear Derailleurs
Bottle Opener: Hardened Steel/ with Spoke Holder. I have yet to find a use for a bottle opener while on the trail.

The Mini 20 Pro Gold comes with a black Neoprene (synthetic rubber) pouch that also acts as a protector.

Mini 20 Pro Gold
Mini 20 Pro Gold Unfurled

The Verdict: The Mini 20 Pro Gold is a valuable tool that saved me from the hassles of walking home. At PhP1200, it is a steal. This tool should be part of your toolbox.

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