Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things to Check Before Heading Out to Ride

Dry season is almost here. With the nights getting shorter, there are more opportunities for us bikers to ride out to our favorite bike destination. Before heading out, we have to make sure that our bikes are well maintained. Just like "BLOWBAG" for cars, I have "BATS" for bicycles.

B - is for brakes. The first thing you got to check are your brakes. Are your brake pads within safe thickness? Are your brake lines operational? Do not go out and ride with defective brake systems.

A - is for air. Check your tire pressure. Adjust to your tire manufacturer's recommended air pressure. Too little air, you'll risk pinch flats. Too much air, you'll bounce like a basketball or risk a blowout.

T - is for tools. Never leave without a pocket tool like Topeak Mini 20. It saved me countless times by making repairs on the trail. A hand pump is also a must.

S - is for spares. Bring an extra inner tube, patch kit and missing link (for chains). I once had a very bad experience of not bringing an extra inner tube and patch kit when I rode my bike out to Tagaytay. When I had a flat tire, I had to walk for many kilometers heading for home. Luckily, a biker saw me and let me ride in his pickup truck towards Sta Rosa.

Bike riding is fun, as long as we take care of our bikes to ensure our safety and enjoyment.

Ride on, my friends!

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