Friday, March 30, 2012

Bike Tech: Limar Helmet 675 Review

Helmets are essential part of a MTBiker's gear. Head protection is a must, not an option. That is why I take great care in selecting the right helmet that balances functionality, aesthetics and value for money.

There are plenty of helmets available in the market that caters for a variety of purposes and price points. MOB, Fox, Giro, Rudy Project, Spyder and Six-Six-One are the most familiar brands that are available. When I visited a bike shop in Robinson's Forum this month, one helmet caught my attention. I thought the helmet was from FOX because it has a similar profile as FOX flux.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Function - The LIMAR 675 helmet is made of injected PS which is the standard material used in helmets. Straps are made of strong nylon material. The pads seems to be made of equally good material though it would need months to see if the material would withstand abuse, wear and tear. It also has an insect net in front to prevent bugs from entering the helmet while you are out riding. It sports a retention system that quickly adjusts the fit of the helmet to your head.
  • Appearance - model 675 comes in 4 colors, matte black, matte green/black, matte red/black, and matte titanium/black. I chose the matte red/black color combination because it fits the color scheme of my bike.
  • Price - at PhP1700, it fits in the low to mid-range price helmet price point. But the quality of the materials, finish and design, makes this helmet a good buy.

SIZE CM: Unisize L (55-61 cm)
WEIGHT: 265 g
SIZING SYSTEM: Bidirectional sizing system with quick release
PADS: Washable ergonomic pads
TECHNOLOGY: Monoshell In-Mould
FRONT VISOR:Removable with clutch system

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