Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

image courtesy of earthhour.org
March 31, 2012 is Earth Hour Day. Every year, at the specified date, lights are switched off for an hour to send a strong message about the effects of climate change. Millions of people have joined this endeavor hoping to help governments realize the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions.
We must declare everyday as Earth Hour Day. By simply following these steps:

  1. Unplug your appliances when not in use. A television consumes 5 watts on standby. Sure, 5 watts is not huge, but multiply it by a million households and you get 5 MEGAWATTS.
  2. Walk, Bike, Run. For trips less than 2 kilometers, walk to your destination. For longer distances, use your bike. It also saves you money.
  3. Think twice before you start your car. Cars burn fuel, it contributes to pollution and global warming.
  4. Do not buy take out food. Take out food is packaged in Styrofoam packages and plastics such as PE and PS which takes a long time to breakdown. Thrown out packaging will only clog our waterways. If you should buy take out, consider companies that package food in cartons or paper-based packaging. It has been a practice in the cities and towns around Laguna Lake to use earth-friendly packaging.
  5. Grow plants in your yard. Trees, shrubs and other onarmental plants are pleaseing to the eye and help take out carbon dioxide from the air. Grass on the lawn help absorbs the sun's rays thus helps lower ambient temperature. Crops such as pechay, okra, tomatoes, like my good friend Jhun "JAKBLAK" Mora is growing in his roof top garden, provides food for the family.
Make everyday an EarthDay!

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