Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to Deal with Dogs

Biking has its share of perils. A rider often encounters potholes, road hazards, discourteous motorists, pedestrians, and other animals. But no other animal comes more frequently in contact with a biker than Canis lupus familiaris - the dog. Whenever one crosses paths with a dog, especially if you enter its territory, you risk being attacked. I have close encounters with dogs in the past, luckily I was never bitten by one.

  • DO NOT PROVOKE a dog when you see one. 
  • Always scan the road ahead of you. If you see a dog approaching you, remain calm. 
  • Observe, if the dog is approaching you with head held level, the dog is going to attack you. 
  • If being attacked, dismount and use your bike a shield. 
  • Do not show signs of weakness. Hold your ground. An attacking dog will back off if he sees that you will fight back.

If you watch the show DOG WHISPERER, Cesar Milan always tell the viewers that dogs can sense fear. Therefore, BE CALM.
But of course, the best cure for dog bites is still avoiding one, so know your route. If you know before hand that an area is prone to dog attacks, do not venture there. Remember, we bikers cannot outrun a dog, even if we are riding our bikes, unless we have a headstart, just like what happened to me this afternoon :)
Be safe and ride on!

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