Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bike Tech: DIY Bike Stand

A bike stand costs PhP600 to PhP1000 in a local bike shop. Usually made of steel, these commercially available stands are very useful in storing your bike upright, preventing any chipped paint on your bike or your wall.
You can make one using PVC pipes.

Here are the materials needed:
10-foot long 3/4" PVC Pipes
6pcs - 3/4" Elbow Connector
6pcs - 3/4" T-Connector
PVC Cement

Cut the PVC pipe into the following dimensions:
2pcs - wheel upright - 23"
2pcs - wheel base - 12.5"
4pcs - base - 7"
5pcs - splice - 2"
Assemble and glue the pipes similar to the picture shown below.

DIY Bike Rack

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