Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bike Tech: Improvised Helmet Mounted Lights

I do frequent night rides around Westgrove and see the benefit of bike lights. There are plenty of bike lights available like the ones from Topeak. Commercially available lights are very expensive, ranging from US$86 (Energizer Tac Light) to US$104 (Streamlight available from Amazon). The local bike shops do not carry these brands though the ones available costs PhP5000 more.
I decided to make one for my self.
Two (2) pieces 9-LED Flashlight from CDRKING
Size 26"x1.95 inner tube cut into four inch sleeve
Nylon Ty-wraps

If you happen to have a piece of inner tube that is no longer needed, cut a 4" size sleeve. Slide the two flashlights and mount it on top of your helmet, secure the assembly with Ty-Wraps. You got yourself a cheaper alternative.

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