Monday, April 2, 2012

Four Reasons Why I like Android Phones

I am an Android Smartphone user for over a year. Google did the right thing when they bought the developer Android Inc. in 2005. I was skeptical at first to jump in when Google announced the release of Android phones in 2008. Suddenly, Apple found competition for their iPhones. Year over year, android-powered devices grew in popularity. Prices start to go down. The features of android devices started to rival that of iPhones. This is when I decided to join in the bandwagon. These are the reasons why I like Android Smartphones.
  1. GPS functionality - for mountain bikers, GPS is useful for location and recording of tracks. This is the primary reason why I opted to go for android phones. Sure, an Apple iPod Touch has one, but it is a bit pricey, and it is not a phone.
  2. Google Play - applications are the strong point of android. You could get GPS apps like OSMAND and MYTracks free for download. If your device has plenty of space, you can istall games to keep yourself busy.
  3. Media and FM Radio Player - the phone is capable of playing MP3, movies, and free FM radio.
  4. And it's a phone.
The android phone replaced many devices that makes life a little bit de-cluttered for the biking enthusiast.

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