Saturday, May 19, 2012

Benefits of Biking

Me and My Bike
About 9 out of 10 rides that I do are done solo. Not that I don't enjoy riding with friends, I ride solo because my friends' schedule do not fit mine. This is what I like about this sport, you can enjoy it solo or with a group. Ten-plus years of biking, thousands of kilometers, and my love for the sport grows even more.

Here are my negative experiences during my bike trips:
  1. Chased by dogs countless of times
  2. Cut by motorists
  3. Inhaled tailpipe fumes
  4. Blacked out due to over exhertion
  5. Suffered split forearm (ulna) that resulted to rest and rehab for half a year
Holy Trail in Silang Cavite

But the negatives were outnumbered by the positive benefits:
  1. Being able to experience nature's beauty and peace.
  2. Being able to ride and experience lung busting Shotgun Avenue and Cardiac Hill.
  3. Ride solo to test my resolve by doing Laguna Lake Loop.
  4. Taught me how to appreciate nature and how to save it.
  5. Being able to go places where riding a car is impractical.
  6. Being able to say that Bike Commuting is more fun. Period
  7. Saved up on fuel costs when I have the urge to go to Tagaytay
  8. Taught me how to repair and maintain my bike thus save up on costs
  9. Enjoyed the benefits of night biking.
  10. Go to places like Subic
Riding is fun, why don't you try it yourself?

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