Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bike Tech: ZEFAL Lock'n Roll Anti Theft System

Bike security is every owner's concern. That is why we invest in locks that secures our bikes in parking poles or any fixed/immovable posts. However, we only secure the frame, the wheelsets are vulnerable to theft. We solve this problem by carrying extra bike locks. This solution, however, is too impractical.
Zefal has come up with a solution that gets rid of the extra locks. Their solution: ZEFAL Lock'n Roll Anti Theft System.
The system's proprietary locking system secures your bike by operating only when the bike is upside down. When right side up, you just cannot open the skewers, thus protecting your bike from wheelset theft.

Price: PhP800 for a pair of skewers and a seatpost clamp

Performance: Easy to install, I just followed the precautions printed in the carton. Right side up, my bike's skewers are very secure.

Verdict: Two Thumbs up!

Lock'n Roll Front Skewer
Lock'n Roll Rear Skewer

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