Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Life, My Tracks #35

It sounds cliche to say that music defines milestones in our life. I handpicked these songs that tell my life's story

Track #35: Boys Don't Cry
Summertime in the early 80's: I was looking forward to going to high school. All pubescent boys go through this right of passage called circumcision or 'tuli'. In my time, we had two choices to be circumcised, go to your local 'mangtutuli' and earn 'pogi' points for being brave; or go the way of wimps, the doctor.
I remember the time when my pals and I checked our foreskins to see if we are ready for this ritual. We do all kinds of things to get ourselves ready including urinating while holding our foreskins tightly to force the glans to expose itself, and other stuff I'd rather not mention.
When my pals and I felt we're ready, we marched towards 'Sapa' (stream) where the local 'mangtutuli' was based. I was the tallest in our group so I was the supposedly the last in line. Then I heard stories, horror stories of how 'mangtutuli' would use a plain leather knife and slice your foreskin, and how one of my pals actually swallowed the 'guava' leaves he was chewing due to excruciating pain.
The thought of going through all that felt as if my balls were stuck in my throat.
I chickened out, I asked my parents to get me scheduled to a doctor.
Because of that, I scolded myself and branded myself a wimp. Ah, puberty!

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