Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Life, My Tracks #37

It sounds cliche to say that music defines milestones in our life. I handpicked these songs that tell my life's story.

Track #37: Stars on 45 Medley

The late 70's and early 80's! I was in elementary then. I think of nothing but playing with my friends at the nearby rice field after school. We played luksong baka, tumbang preso, syato, holen. Weekends were highly anticipated. It was time to relax after a week of school work. Radio sets were very expensive back then. Portable music players like walkmans were in the territory of rich people.
Occasionally, I would ask my father to turn on the stereo set to listen to FM band. I had no idea which station I tuned into. Most FM stations back then played music. The DJ did not interrupt the music.
Radio stations filled the air with this medley from various artists. It gave rise to the idea of seamlessly playing songs of similar beat, called MIXING. Newer generations should thank the creators of Stars on 45 in spawning the DJ scene.

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