Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Life, My Tracks: #41

It sounds cliche to say that music defines milestones in our life. I hand picked these songs that tell my life's story

Track #41 Elephant Walk.
I was born in the 70's. Being born in that era, I grew up with music played on the family stereo set. For those who do not know what a stereo set is, these are huge 'furnitures' that play music. In that era, the family will gather in the 'sala' after meals and listen as the man of the house plays the stereo. I was very young when I was exposed to music. The song 'Elephant Walk' was special because it was played often by my father. When you are less than two feet tall, the world is huge. And it is fun to watch those huge people lumber around while this song was playing in my head.

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