Monday, August 6, 2012

5K in 30 Challenge

I have been cycling for the following reasons: I can cover more distance, and I enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise without harming my joints. For me cycling is a better alternative than running,
Since I joined, I took on a challenge that is too good to pass up: run 5 kilometers within 30 minutes. This means running an average 10 kilometers an hour.
Yesterday, I got up at 6 and tried to run 5kms in 30 minutes. The first 300 meters I did with ease, but as distance grew, I suddenly felt fatigued. Running 5k is a struggle for me. But I pushed on, finally stopping at 5k. Time check: 32 minutes 12 seconds. In 6 weeks, I hope to beat the time.

My first 5k run

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