Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Life, My Tracks #32

It sounds cliche to say that music defines milestones in our life. I handpicked these songs that tell my life's story

My Life, My Tracks #32 Out of Touch

1984 was a good year for me in highschool. Even with little money, wearing old uniforms from the first year, I had a great time! I remember walking to school about 2 kms away just to save on tricycle fare. Walking to school has benefits, it was good exercise and the best part, the road I took passed by my crush's house. If Lady Luck was by my side, I get to even walk with her, well, technically. I was walking not beside her but behind her. But believe me, those were the best times. Seeing her walk by, catching a small whiff of her cologne and generally fantasizing about her and me being an item, but I guess, I was OUT OF TOUCH with reality. Ah highschool life :)

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