Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lessons in Cycling

I have been cycling for roughly 12 years. Never competed though, I'm in it for the recreation and fun. I never made it into a career. I felt that cycling has given me freedom to roam the road or trail, without polluting the environment, except perhaps the occasional gas discharge of the foul kind after eating at Aling Pinas. Cycling has taught me many things that I can apply in life:

  1. Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. Albert Einstein said this. Mr. Genius is a cyclist.  In spite of  explaining how the universe operates in complex equations, he appreciates the simplicity of the bicycle. He tells us that we should keep the product of our mass and velocity not equal to zero, otherwise the gyroscopic effect of the two spinning wheels will stop countering the force of gravity pulling us down. Nah, better say, get your behind moving or else you'll fall.
  2. However far your destination, you'll always end up home. I have been to relatively long cycling trips. The longest solo ride was 13 hours doing the Laguna Lake Loop in 2011. During those trips, I always look forward to going home. Nothing beats the feeling of opening the gate of your home and sitting at the sofa after a tiring ride.
  3. Never be afraid of riding in unfamiliar places. Have faith. Just get out and ride. Cycling has taught me a valuable lesson which I applied in every aspect of my life. Never be afraid of unfamiliar territory. Sure, it scares the heck out of me, but I know that I am prepared and I have faith. At work, we all experience jitters when our boss gives us assignments that are totally unfamiliar. Maybe you are a staff that is suddenly promoted to a higher position. Remember the lessons learned while riding your bike: Never be afraid, you have the skills, you can do it.
  4. You lose fat, but you gain friends. This is what i like about cycling, it pushes you to compete against yourself so you could get fit, AND it is a social activity that enables you to gain friends. I ride with my friends from PLDT, from my home town, and recently, some folks from SMB+Plus riders from Rizal who graciously let me in their group. Now that is riding!
  5. Travel life, travel light. Sure, we need to prepare for the inevitable flat tire, or broken chain, but it doesn't mean you have to carry your entire tool box with extra tires, extra inner tubes, an extra crankset, you know what I mean. Loosen up, be prepared but not overreacting. Just go get some fun.
  6. A little dirt will do you good. Our bikes will become dirty, that is the price we cyclists pay if we want to ride out. As in life, we should never be afraid of being dirty sometimes. It is okay to go eat dirty icecream, or eat at a karinderia, or go sit near a pile of bullcrap once in a while. Tolerating a little dirt is part of living a full life.

At Upak - Brgy Hukay
Congratulations to the SMB crew who conquered Cardiac Hill

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