Friday, September 21, 2012

My Life My Tracks # 28

It sounds cliche to say that music defines milestones in our life. I handpicked these songs that tell my life's story

My Life, My Tracks #28 Enveloped Ideas - The Dawn

The Dawn was an influential Pinoy Rock band that surfaced in the 80's with their brand of alternative music. At the time when Glam Rock, Disco, and Rap dominated the airwaves, The Dawn and their contemporaries were making waves in the indie scene. I remember The Dawn when I first heard of them through Enveloped Ideas, played in the now defunct NU107. I thought they were from abroad but I was happy to learn that they are pure Pinoys. The Dawn's foundations were Jett Pangan (vocals), Teddy Diaz (Guitars), Caloy Balcells (Bass) and JB Leonor III (Drums).
Who would forget the Mother Superior intro of the song: "singing out, my enveloped ideas, doesn't seem all too bad, hoping it would be easier, to sing out my enveloped ideas"

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