Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lessons in Cycling Part 2

In my last blog about life's lessons on two wheels, I have talked about six lessons that cycling has taught me. 
Here is part 2 of those lessons.

  1. Put your ego in check.  Yeah, you may brag about your best times while climbing up the hill and many times you may have overtaken quite a few. But there is always someone who is stronger than you who will humiliate you and put you back on the ground. I remember last May when I got my ego  bruised when a 64-year old veteran out-climbed me in Cardiac Hill. I took the lesson positively and got my ego where it belongs, to the ground.
  2. Not all expensive things can make you happy. In fact those things can cause paranoia. If you buy an expensive bicycle, you are afraid that someone may take it away from you, either by force or when you are not looking. Exotic materials like Carbon Fiber, Titanium frames and bling-bling components will stoke your pride, but it won't give peace of mind. I'm not saying you don't buy those expensive components, I'm saying just buy those that will satisfy you and will help make you sleep better at night.
  3. Detach yourself from your machine. Enjoy the cycling experience and do not worry about what other people will say about your bike. Half of the time, those other riders are worrying what the other riders would say about their bikes too. So, spare yourself from needless approval seeking.
  4. The XTR of today, will be the Deore of tomorrow. Heard of planned obsolescence? It is a fact of life. What is new now, will become obsolete and degraded to play second fiddle. You had your time. You may be young, strong, handsome or beautiful, but ten years down the line, you will see that you have receding hairline, bulging waistline, and cholesterol levels up the roof. Recognize this fact and you will not fear growing old.
  5. Light, Strong, Cheap - pick two. In the cycling world, there is an aphorism developed by Keith Bontrager about components. If you want a component that is stong and light, it won't be cheap. Consequently, a component that is strong and cheap, cannot be light. You cannot have it all, life is about living with compromises in mind. I always put that in mind. There is no such thing as free lunch.
  6. The path between two points can have a number of possible combinations, you will never be bored.  I have been travelling the same bike path for over a year, yet I am not bored with it. Because I travel it clockwise, counter clockwise, at different times of the day, in different kinds of weather. Each travel is a unique experience. As in life, you will never be bored if you travel life's journey with open eyes, open mind and open heart.
Life's path consists of infinite possibilities, you'll never get bored

Have a nice day and keep on riding!

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