Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Off Track: Corregidor Guided Tour

This is my third time going to Corregidor. The first two were day tours. This time, I went there to experience staying at the island overnight. I am glad I took the opportunity to explore the island and experienced it better than what the day tour can offer.

I and seven others were at the CCP Bay terminal before the call time of 7:30am. After getting our tickets, we proceeded to board the ferry on our way to the Rock.
The Island Fortress of Corregidor
Getting ready to board the ferry to the island

The ferry took a little over an hour to get to the island. We landed at the north dock where General Douglas MacArthur boarded the PBY boat en route to Mindanao for his escape to Australia. Under orders from then US President Franklin Roosevelt, MacArthur had to leave the island under the command of Major General Jonathan Wainwright.
MacArthur stands resolute

Lorcha Dock - this is where MacArthur escaped to Mindanao en route to Australia
Reproduction Trams are the main transportation for getting around the island
Japanese Anti-Aircraft Guns point south toward Manila Bay. They are located near the tail of the island, on the Japanese Garden of Peace. These guns were long silent, showing signs of deterioration and rusting. Here with me are my team mates from Energy Systems and our boss, Steve.
The Tour Guide makes or breaks the experience. There are guides who possess the ability to inspire the visitors and then there are those who are not into the job. Fortunately for us, we had Manong Pol as our guide. Born in 1944, he started as a tour guide in 1973. Since then he has been around the Philippines, showing tourists the points of interest and the rich culture of our country. Here we are at the Middleside Enlisted Men's Barracks where the Coastal Artillery personnel were housed.
At the entrance of Malinta Tunnel. We are getting ready for the Light and Sound Show, a 30 minute  show that dramatizes what happened 70 years ago, when American and Filipino forces held back the advancing Japanese Imperial Army
Light and Sound Show is about to begin

The center marble altar of the Pacific War Memorial. Every 6th of May, the sun's light will shine through the dome's opening and land dead center to the altar.

The ETERNAL FLAME statue - "To Live in Freedom's Light is the Right of Mankind"
Having fun at Cartridge Room no 2 of Battery Crockett
One of the Disappearing Guns of Battery Crockett. These heavy guns were lifted by huge counterweights when fired.
Inside the Filipino Heroes Memorial
I never get tired of visiting Corregidor. It is one of my favorite destinations here in our country. Next Blog, I will describe our experience exploring the old hospital and Malinta Laterals in the darkness of the night.

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