Thursday, October 25, 2012

Off Track: Night Adventure in Corregidor

October 19, 2012
After the guided tour, we checked in at the Corregidor Inn. We got ready for the night trek experience, call time was at 5:15pm. The weather is mostly clear with some thin clouds high in the atmosphere.

Sunset Experience
The bus took us to Battery Grubbs located in Topside to see the sunset. According to, the sun will set at 5:34pm that day.
On our way to Battery Grubbs, the sun hides behind the clouds, about to set
Entrance to Battery Grubbs, this will be the place where we would witness the spectacular setting of the sun
The full disk of the sun is a few degrees above the horizon. Notice the swallow flying past by.

A colleague playing with the sun
The whole team got the best seat in the house for the sunset show.

Night Exploration of the Hospital Ruins
After the sun has set, we went ghost hunting at the old 1000-bed hospital ruins. This hospital is located at the island's Topside, near the mile long barracks.

The facade of the Hospital
We walked through some portions of the hospital. The experience is quite good as I was able to relate to how the people lived and worked there more than 70 years ago.

Malinta Lateral Tunnel Visit
If you take the day tour and watched the Light and Sound Show, you have visited only the main tunnel of Malinta.
Getting ready to explore the Malinta Tunnel Laterals. We donned helmets because the lateral ceilings  are low.

Our guide, Brian, showed us the entry way to the Quartermaster Area of the Malinta Tunnel. The quartermaster area is where food was stored and prepared during the war. During the siege of Corregidor, American forces blew up some portions of Malinta Tunnel to delay and perhaps kill the advancing Japanese forces. These explosions caused the walls and ceilings to cave in.
One of the air vents that supplied fresh air inside the tunnel. Japanese Army and American Forces both blew up air vents like these to suffocate each other
Inside the Quartermaster area. The tunnel stretches a few hundred feet

The walls and ceilings are full of soot due to explosives

The femur or "long bone" of a Japanese Soldier found inside the lateral tunnels.  Members of the Japanese Imperial Army prefer death over capture. They commit HaraKiri (suicide) by disembowelment using their katana (sword) or by strapping grenades to their bodies and blowing themselves up
Entering the 1000-bed Tunnel Hospital. After the main hospital near the Mile Long Barracks was destroyed by bombardment, the personnel and the injured were transferred inside a Malinta Tunnel Lateral that was converted to an infirmary. Doctors and Nurses manned the facility to treat the sick and wounded.

A typewriter sits atop a table. It's keys not struck for decades.

Going further inside the Hospital Ward.

A converted prison cell inside the lateral

This is WARD G where the guide told us to turnoff our lights and walked forward to experience how it was like to walk in the dark, just like what American and Filipino forces experienced during World War 2

At the end of the Malinta Tunnel Lateral Exploration, our guide explained the places we've been through. 
The night adventure was a great way to explore and experience Corregidor. It is a recommended activity for those who wanted to get more out of Corregidor.

Next, Sunrise Viewing and Japanese Tunnel exploration!


anapotpot said...

hi there! nice post! how much was the package? thanks! the ghost hunting sounds really fun plus the pics are really cool!! :)

Gerald Jerico Velayo said...

Hi anapotpot, The package we got cost us 6600 pesos for two, this includes the day tour, one lunch, one breakfast.
You can avail of the sunset viewing, hospital and malinta tunnel exploration, sunrise viewing and japanese tunnel trek for 250 pesos per person.
You can have dinner at Playa restaurant of the hotel, or as a cheaper alternative, go eat at the McArthurs Cafe located near the north dock (where the ferry is berthed) just a few hundred meters away from the hotel.
You can place your reservations at
Enjoy Corregidor! We did!