Friday, October 26, 2012

Off Track: Sunrise Viewing and Japanese Tunnel Exploration in Corregidor

October 20, 2012

Sunrise Viewing
We woke up and get ourselves ready to meet the sun. The sun is scheduled to rise at 5:48am. We boarded our bus at 5:15 and proceeded Topside to a clearing near the Eternal Flame Monument.
Chilly morning air greeted us

Manila Bay lies in front. The sun is about to rise.

Birds of prey flew high in the sky, taking advantage of strong winds to lift them

The sun breaks through the horizon
The team waits for the sunrise

Having fun while the sun rises in the background

A colleague plays with the sun

Japanese Tunnel
After having our fill of taking photographs of ourselves and the sun, we headed to a trail nearby to explore a tunnel built by the Japanese Imperial Army. We were told to wear sandals because the tunnel is muddy. Flashlights were also handed to those who did not bring theirs.
Going down the trail to Japanese Tunnel

A baby Tokay Gecko or TUKO on the ground

Preparing to enter the Tunnel

The Japanese Tunnel entrance

Inside the tunnel dug by the Japanese to serve as escape route.

Climbing up a 75 degree slope

Looking down the hole from above
Fun at the South Dock
We finished the sunset viewing and Japanese tunnel exploration by 6:30 in the morning. Before taking our breakfast, our group went to the South dock to bask in the morning sun. The South Dock serves large ships during and prior to World War II. The waters a few hundred feet away from the beach is deep enough to let battleships dock to it. 
Rocks and pebbles are abundant along the beach at South Dock. Bloodstones, sedimentary rocks and limestones as well as shells can be found there. I tried to balance some rocks and took pictures of it.
Rocks and pebble balancing at the beach. 

Karate Kiddo

Halo sun!

The early morning sun at the South Dock Pier
About to have breakfast at La Playa Restaurant
Zip line

The two activities ended the guided tour of the overnight package of Corregidor. I had fun doing this activity. Highly recommended for all ages.
Next, Corregidor on foot!

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