Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bike Tech: Shimano Deore XT Crank Review

I have a friend who installed a Shimano Deore XT Crank on his bike. He has been using this for almost two years. We are on the 50th km of our 70km ride to Tagaytay when I heard a loud metallic crack from my friend's bike. At first, I thought he hit a metallic plate on the road but to our horror, we saw that his bike's crank failed.

The HollowTech cylindrical axle broke into three pieces
I am not a structural engineer but isn't the cylinder wall too thin to be structurally strong?
The crank's axle is subjected to stresses in the order of hundreds of kilograms. A 1-mm thick walled axle won't be strong enough in my opinion.

The crippled bike ended up being towed
Eat your heart out, Balboa!

Price: PhP6000
Technology: Hollowtech II, triple chainring, for 9-speed drive train, outboard bottom bracket
Weight: 850g (claimed) 
The Bottom Line: NOT RECOMMENDED for frequent users. The axle is weak and prone to breakage. Be careful on tightening the bolts on the axle. It may cause fatigue on the metal.

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