Monday, November 5, 2012

Cycling Season is Here

Cyclists celebrate! Pagasa said that the northeast monsoon is active, bringing cooler weather as well as occasional light rains. It is time to bring out your bicycle from your storage area and experience the joy of hitting the road and trail this time of the year.
Here are some tips to ensure a safer and enjoyable ride this season:

  1. Check your bicycle thoroughly. All components must be checked for functionality. Replace them if worn or damaged. The last thing you would want to happen is breakdown of a major component. You may be forced to walk back. I have experienced this last week when a friend broke his crank. We are forced to walk on our way back. Good thing we got hold of a rope and towed him back 20 kms.
  2. Inspect your helmet. Your head is what keeps you alive. It is your primary livelihood tool. Protect it at all times by wearing a helmet. Replace your helmet with a good quality helmet like LIMAR 675.
  3. Prepare your body through exercise and proper nutrition. Cycling is both an aerobic and strength activity. Pedaling , climbing hills and trails for hours on end, requires great lung capacity, strong heart and core muscles. Supplement your strength and aerobic training with proper nutrition. Fill up with natural foods like bananas, lean meat, and veggies to keep your self fit. Bananas are good to prevent cramps.
  4. For night riding, use quality lights. Nights are longer, if you like to ride in the late afternoon, it is wise to use lights and signals to help other motorists see you in the dark. I have been using Serfas CP-600 Combo pack for two years now and is serving me well.

Reap the benefits of cycling especially during this time of the year. Get your bicycle out of storage and ride on!

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