Friday, November 2, 2012


The last time I rode a bicycle in UPLB was in 1999. I remember my steel rigid bike that I used to ride the roads leading to UPLB and PCARRD.
On my way to Sta Cruz Laguna to visit the departed, I saw a group of cyclists. They just came from UPLB PCARRD loop. It sounded like a good idea to go that way. It turned out far better than I expected.
Marker showing the location of Magnetic Hill. This area is an optical illusion. What 
Makiling Forest Reserve
Shot in PCARRD

Steep curve
Hairpin turn
Mount Makiling

Fresh air greet the visitors to BSP Campsite

Downhill rush - Laguna Lake in the background
Great view
The foothills of Mt. Makiling
Scout's honor
Taking flight

Pegasus? Carabao with wings?

Monument in UPLB Park
Campsite or PCARRD, the choice is yours

Giant Acacia Tree

Visiting UPLB after more than a decade brought back great memories of the place. Go there and experience cycling in a refreshing manner.

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