Saturday, December 29, 2012

An Amazing 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, I look back at the great things that had happened in the past year.
Bike Commuting

I learned to appreciate nature more by constantly riding my bicycle. Bicycle commuting has been an integral part of my life. More often, I go to my hometown forgoing the use of cars. For all these reasons, the best alternative transportation mode is the bicycle, in my humble opinion.

Cycling has helped me conquer my fear of darkness. I constantly ride out in the early evening whenever the opportunity presents itself. I remember my first night ride in Silang, I was afraid that something will pounce on me while riding, or that a ghost will appear. Thankfully, there are none. Night riding has become second nature to me, I just light up my headlamps and go ride at night and appreciate the beauty of the night sky.

My bicycle has been my constant companion whenever I feel the urge to go places. Using the car is a last option for me, I just hate the fact that it adds pollution to our already polluted Planet Earth. So when the travel bug bites, I head out to ride. One of my favorite riding destination is Tagaytay. I lost track on how many times I have been there. My usual route to Tagaytay is through Munting Ilog Silang Cavite, where the vehicular traffic is much less. Only recently, I took the Reverse Palace Route and found out that this is more challenging and more scenic. Most of my trips were solo rides, some were done with my college buddy Rodney, whom I rode with to Tagaytay. We had a lot of adventures together in biking. Another favorite biking destination is Timberland in San Mateo. This place holds a very special spot for me. It was there in 2002, when I fell off my bike and suffered broken armbone and had to recover for 5 months.

I got to visit Macau in April 2012. I had fun visiting the sights of historic Macau and got to taste Macanese cuisine. Our generous host there is our Tito Noel, who I had to say thank you again for the warm hospitality.
Macau April 2012

Corregidor is also one of my favorite places to visit. I had been there in August, and then returned for an overnight trip in October. The overnight trip is worth remembering as it is when we got to explore Corregidor at night, viewed the sunrise and explored tunnels and walking through the trails in the daytime.
Battery Geary in Corregidor Revisited October 2012
Having fun in Corregidor

Solo rides are fun, but the fun multiplies if shared with friends. This year, I got to meet friends from SMB+PLUS of Binangonan who rode with me to Cardiac Hill.

I also got to ride out with old friends from the previous company I worked at. We rode to Calibato Lake this December.
Team Panasonic Riders during the Lake Calibato ride out

The memories of 2012 makes me look forward to an even greater 2013, now that the world did not end in December 21, 2012 ☺
Happy New Year everyone!

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