Monday, December 10, 2012

Nuvali to Palace in the Sky

I have been wanting to try what MTBers call the Reverse Palace route. It starts from Nuvali in Sta Rosa, going up Brgy Casile in Cabuyao, before ending up in Tagaytay.
Stop by the Nuvali office and register at the lobby to get an ID in case you need to go back.
Target: Palace in the Sky - beyond
I have no idea where this road will lead me
Approaching the Nuvali Rotunda, turn right towards Canlubang Golf and Country Club

Well kept stream
Turn right up Casile

Uphill climb

Imelda Marcos' Mansion
Majestic Mount Makiling

Long uphill climb

Target Palace in the Sky

Nearing the Top
1km from the top

2km long steep climb
My reward
Palace in the Sky covered by clouds
Awesome view!

Cavite Province in the background

Total distance: 59.68 km (37.1 mi)
Total time: 4:07:39
Moving time: 3:47:54
Average speed: 14.46 km/h (9.0 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 15.71 km/h (9.8 mi/h)
Max speed: 41.03 km/h (25.5 mi/h)
Average pace: 4.15 min/km (6.7 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 3.82 min/km (6.1 min/mi)
Fastest pace: 1.46 min/km (2.4 min/mi)
Max elevation: 714 m (2344 ft)
Min elevation: 54 m (177 ft)
Elevation gain: 1280 m (4198 ft)

Max grade: 24 %
Min grade: -15 %
Recorded: 12/09/2012 3:21pm

Elevation graph

Real time Tracks

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