Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cool Yourself While You Ride

Local weather bureau PAGASA said that Type 1 weather or dry season will start this week.

Already, I feel the temperature rising way past 40 degrees in this blistering week. Now that Holy Week is just around the corner, cyclists take this long vacation as time to do long rides.
One must be careful during this time of the year, the heat can take its toll on the health of us cyclists.
Some of the health hazards a cyclist face when doing rides in the heat of the season are: dehydration, heat stroke, prickly heat, heat exhaustion, nausea, headaches, muscle pains, and fainting.
Most of these can be avoided by following these tips:
1. Hydrate - a cyclist is like an engine, it gets hot when it is running. To counter the heat, the body tries to cool down by sweating. This process also causes the body to lose water. To replenish lost water, you have to drink faster than you sweat. In normal days, 8 glasses of water per day is enough. But for a cyclist, drink at least 250ml of water every 15 minutes. Balance drinking water with bananas to replace lost electrolytes as well.
2. Ride During Dawn or Dusk - schedule your rides early in the morning or evening. That way, we could avoid the harmful effects of the sun. Be sure to bring your lights while you bike in the dark
3. Eat a Light Meal. - riding on a full stomach could weigh you down and cause more burning of calories, contributing to more body heat.
4. Wear Sports Fabrics - not only are they lighter, but it helps the body cool down by passing sweat and help sweat evaporate quickly.

Follow these simple tips and you are good to go on those ride outs during this hot season
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