Saturday, March 23, 2013

How Climate Change Impact the Economy of the Future

Climate change has become a byword today. Everybody is talking about it but not everyone is helping to mitigate its effect. We should take this issue seriously and start making changes in our lifestyle. One aspect that makes a big impact in the environment is our use of fossil fuels to power our industries, transportation and housing. Every year, the use of fossil fuels dump massive amounts carbondioxide and other greenhouse gases . If we would like to lessen global warming, we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. This means, reducing the use of fossil fuels as energy source. If we maintain the status quo, we should brace ourselves for a change in how we conduct our lives as well.
Here is how climate change could impact the economy of our future.
1. Drought and floods will cause severe crop shortage. - agencies recognize the problem of drought and floods to crop yield . Lesser crop yield means higher prices.
2. High temperatures means higher use of electricity for cooling - high summer temperatures makes us turn our thermostats lower, that translates to higher electricity cost for the ordinary consumer.
3. Forced reduction on fossil fuel use could change the economic landscape - if the time comes that the air is too polluted that the use of fossil fuels is outlawed, we could see an entirely different economic landscape too complex to discuss here.
4. Cold spells, heatwaves could cause the introduction of exotic diseases - mutation of viruses and bacteria due to climate change could severely impact the economy. Loss of life, loss of productive hours, money diverted in treatment of diseases are the obvious effects once mutated diseases starts spreading.

How do we reverse the trend? We can do a lot simply by doing the following:

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle - good for the wallet, better for the environment
2. Run, bike, walk more - by limiting the use your car, to at least once a week could help reduce green house gasses.
3. Ride public transportation - car sharing helps reduce pollution and greenhouse gases.
4. Plant trees, shrubs, vegetables in your garden - planting trees and growing your own vegetables in your garden helps recover carbon dioxide from the air.
Plant vegetables in your backyard

Higher costs, loss of productivity, loss of lives, these are the impacts climate change has on our lives. I hope we do our share in lessening the impact.

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