Thursday, March 21, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins of Cycling

Holy Week is just around the corner. It's but fitting to do some soul searching for us cyclists too. We are human and bound to do things that limit our potential as ambassadors of the sport. Here are what I call the Seven Deadly Sins in Cycling.

1. Forgetting To Wear Your Helmet - serious head injuries could be avoided if one wears a helmet. A helmet is what separates your head from the ground in an event of a crash. Of course, a helmet won't stop a 10-wheeler truck from smashing your head, but that could be averted only if we avoid the next Deadly Sin.

2. Ignoring Road Rules - a bicycle offers agility and flexibility to ride on any tight situation, but that doesn't give you the right to violate the rules of he road. I have read about accidents that was caused by the cyclist's ignorance of road rules. Not stopping on a red light is the most common cause of road accidents.

3. Bike Envy - a cyclist cannot help himself from wishing he could own a bicycle better than his own. A bike he covets specially the one being ridden by another fellow cyclist. Do yourself a favor, be satisfied with what you have. After all, the best bicycle in the world is the one you ride right now.

4. Upgrading Parts Evertime - related to Deadly Sin #5, UPGRADEITITIS is a disease that's hard to treat. A cyclist is infected by this condition at least once in his life. The problem with upgradeititis is that you wont stop. Bike component makers keep on churning new parts every year that was better, lighter, and more bling than the models of the previous year. We can't blame the companies from doing that. They are doing it to stay in business.

5. Road Rage - people who are seemingly peaceful and benign turn into monsters once they ride any vehicle, ANY TYPE OF VEHICLE. Is the Devil residing in the Wheel? People get angry anytime somebody gets the better of him. Do the world and yourself a favor by getting your ego in check. Let that cyclist pass you. You are not in a race. A lot of misunderstandings are a result of inflated egos. Remember Rolito Go.

6. Being Overconfident - you are proud that you could weave thru traffic because you are a skillful cyclist. You could jump logs, negotiate switchbacks that it seems second nature to you. Oftentimes, this overconfidence will cost you your health and even your life. You are confident that your skills will get you out of a tangle, but what about next time? Dont push your luck and try beating the odds. Try to exercise restraint and hold the daredevil in you.

7. Eating Like a Pig - gluttony is bad. If you reason that exercising will burn off the excess calories, studies have shown that proper diet is one of the two keys to maintaining your optimal health and weight. The other key is exercise. So neglecting the proper eating part of the equation could spell trouble. Ever seen a pig that's thin, neither have I.

Have a blessed Holy Week!

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