Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday: Cardiac Hill Loop and Nuvali Trails

Nuvali Trails has been in my To Do List for quite some time. Since Easter Sunday is the last day of vacation, it is perfect to hit the trails and try it out. A quick loop of the familiar Cardiac Hill - Bgy Hukay gave a good warm up.

Entrance to Nuvali
Want to try out your jumping skills? Go to the BIKE TRACKS
Short trail in North Nuvali

Signs lead the way to the WildLife and Bird Sanctuary
People entering the spot must keep silent
Entrance to the trail
Tread lightly, the trail is shared by hikers and joggers too
Bamboo Bridge
Dare to ride down the steps? Just remember to look for a good line, lean back and fire away
Plants teem the Sanctuary
Informative signs giving the hikers some info on the kind of trees
Even on a hot day, the tree canopy provides shade
The end of the mini-trail leads to the Gazebo
The Gazebo, it is best if you bring along a pair of binoculars
Greens and Patches
This dirt road leads to a single track
Long single track
This is not a foreign country, this is inside Nuvali
Such a sight!

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