Monday, April 29, 2013

Emerson Network Power Cyclists' First Ride Out

April 28, 2013, the first ever ride out of ENPower Cyclists came through. Although there were only two of us, for now, we believe the ragtag group will grow and achieve critical mass. We don't have a formal name yet, we just thought of ENPower Cyclists as an interim name in reference to the company that we work for.
We met at Kapitolyo Pasig at around 5:15am. Rode off to Timberland at around 5:40am.

JB and the Twentyniner Venzo
Near Timberland Gate

Near the Green Zone
Wall 2

When we are about to enter the Green Zone, we met two cyclists Leonard and Joseph who wanted to tag along with us. This is what is so wonderful with mountain biking, you get to meet other people and multiply your friends.
You'll never get tired seeing views like this

After Green Zone, basic trail, it is time to eat as Pestanos and fill up
New to the Zone - Joseph and Leonard
After doing a mini-tune up of their bikes and teaching some repair tips, sharing stories, we split up. JB and I headed to Cogeo to do the loop. Joseph and Leonard went back to the basic trail.

Off to Cogeo
JB climbs fast, either I am too old, too tired or simply he is too strong for me to catch up.

The pain and exhaustion is nothing if..
The reward: This view
Iisang bangka tayo

Playing in the Rock Garden

Part I:
Activity type: cycling
Description: -
Total distance: 67.64 km (42.0 mi)
Total time: 5:16:14
Moving time: 4:27:21
Average speed: 12.83 km/h (8.0 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 15.18 km/h (9.4 mi/h)
Max speed: 34.87 km/h (21.7 mi/h)
Average pace: 4.68 min/km (7.5 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 3.95 min/km (6.4 min/mi)
Fastest pace: 1.72 min/km (2.8 min/mi)
Max elevation: 455 m (1493 ft)
Min elevation: -11 m (-36 ft)
Elevation gain: 2703 m (8867 ft)
Max grade: 45 %
Min grade: -38 %
Recorded: 4/28/2013 3:46am

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Part II
Activity type: cycling
Description: -
Total distance: 29.27 km (18.2 mi)
Total time: 2:11:42
Moving time: 1:38:11
Average speed: 13.33 km/h (8.3 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 17.89 km/h (11.1 mi/h)
Max speed: 43.84 km/h (27.2 mi/h)
Average pace: 4.50 min/km (7.2 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 3.35 min/km (5.4 min/mi)
Fastest pace: 1.37 min/km (2.2 min/mi)
Max elevation: 489 m (1604 ft)
Min elevation: -27 m (-90 ft)
Elevation gain: 810 m (2659 ft)
Max grade: 27 %
Min grade: -30 %
Recorded: 4/28/2013 10:23am

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