Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Essentials of Bicycle Commuting

Cycling is a lifestyle that I embraced since 1998. At first, I cycle for recreation and fitness. Lately, the bicycle has become my main mode of transportation, taking me to wherever I need to go.
Last wednesday, March 27, 2013, I tried for the first time to commute to work using my bicycle. The whole bike commute experience went great. I used the opportunity to think of various things relating to work and personal growth.
People should give cycling to work a try. If you live less than 20kms from where you work, you could cycle to work everyday if weather permits.

There are a number of benefits you could get from cycling to work:
1. Cardio exercise for free - instead of hitting the gym's stationary bicycle, it's better to go to work by bike and get a free cardio workout.
2. Save up on fuel, toll and parking fees - by not using your car, you save on fuel and toll fees. Parking fee is also reduced as bikes have generally lower parking rates. You could also strike up a deal with your building administrator regarding parking, you may get it for free.
3. Help reduce environmental impact - bicycles are zero emission transport modes, using them help reduce greenhouse pollution.

To make your bike commute a pleasant experience, here are some tips:
1. Prepare and plan your route beforehand - go to google maps and plan out the bike route to take. Take the safest route with minimal cars. Avoid major thoroughfares.
2. Know your average speed - so you can estimate the commute time. It would be best to allot at least an extra 15 minutes.
3. Prepare your bicycle and tools - check your drivetrain, tires, bike lights, spare tube, pump and tools.
4. Have your work clothes packed neatly in your bag - depending on your work dress code, some offices ban shorts and gym shirts. It could help also if you have a locker to store your clothes for use later.
5. Hydrate - bring water enough for your trip. General rule is 250ml of water every 20 to 30 minutes ride time pf moderate pace. More if you ride aggressively.

Prepare extra tube, bike lock, tire lever, and minitool to bring for you bike commute

Ensure your bike lights have fresh batteries inserted

Pumps are essential in every trip

Have a happy and safe bike commute trip!

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