Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Save on Gas and Other Vehicle Expenses

Prices of fuel fluctuates recently. In 2009, the price of a liter of premium gasoline is 39 pesos. Today, it hovers around 52 pesos per liter.

For the ordinary citizen like me who operate a car, the high price of fuel can easily hurt your budget. If your vehicle averages 10kms per liter in terms of fuel consumption and you live 30kms from where you work, your car could consume 156 pesos of fuel one way. Add the cost of parking and toll fees, the operating expense can shoot up to 750 pesos per day. If you add also the amortized maintenance and taxes of owning a vehicle, the figure will go up to about 1500 pesos.

How could we minimize the operating expense of owning a car? Here are some tips:

1. Properly maintain the engine of your car. - a well maintained engine will save fuel. Make sure you clean airfilters, change oil regularly and replace sparkplugs. Any faulty engine component can rob your car of horsepower and cause higher fuel consumption.

2. Inflate tires to recommended pressure - a properly inflated tire minimizes rolling resistance, makes your car roll further and faster.

3. Make sure your transmission and clutch mechanism are in order. - slipping clutch makes your engine work harder than normal.

4. Plan your trips well. - have your trips well planned so as to avoid wasting fuel.

5. Lighten up your load - remove clutter from your trunk. Every additional kilogram of excess weight will lower your car's efficiency.

6. Use your car sparingly - this is probably by far, the best advice to follow if you want to save up on fuel. Start of by taking your car only for 4 days. Take off one day the next week, until you build up a routine and realize you dont need a car after all.

7. Sell your large car and buy a smaller car. - you dont need 2 tons of steel to haul your 150kg body. Use a smaller car and help save money and the environment as well.

8. Use public transportation - public transports help minimize pollution by decreasing CO2 emissions PER PERSON. It's more efficient moving a number of people around than singly.

9. Quit cold turkey - our love affair with the car borders on obsession. We dress it up, spend tons of cash pimping it up. A shiny car still emits tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gases which help kill thousands and make millions ill with asthma and other respiratory disease. Until a new power source is developed for the car, I will sparingly use it.

10. Use bicycles - ride a bicycle, the simple two wheeled machine is a boon to the environment, it emits zero pollutants, and goes everywhere a car cannot go. Even if you dress it up, it would not cost you an arm and leg.

Have a nice day!
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